Project Detail

Project Title Project Cost Project Scope
Burhanpur Water Supply Scheme
(World Bank Funded)
Rs. 28 crore

Project is Funded under World Bank Funded Scheme Our scope of work is Pre Bid Engineering Consultancy of Burhanpur WSS, which includes:
1. Detailed pre tender engineering.
2. Project site visit along with experts and engineers to understand the actual site condition.
3. Preparation of components wise detailed bill of quantities (BOQ) i.e. separate for anicut / stop dam / weir (if required), intake well, RW pumping machinery and mains, water treatment plants, CW pumping machinery and mains, OHT / ESR / MBR / BPT / GSR, RW & CW pumps houses, distribution networks etc.
4. Provide techno-commercial offers from vendors / suppliers / manufacturers for almost all the brought items in the project.
5. Also offers from the sub-contractors for civil work, electrification work and mechanical work.