Project Detail

Project Title Project Cost Project Scope
Preparation of DPR of Water Supply Scheme in 21 Tier - II Cities of Madhya Pradesh (under ADB) Rs. 600 crore

Project is Funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scope of Work includes preparation of DPR for Water Supply Scheme of 21 Tier II cities of Madhya Pradesh. The list of towns are: Sarni, Raghogarh, Aron, Karera, Pichore, Badarwas, Betul Bazar, Sohagpur, Bankhedi, Channera, Boda, Sanchi, Kurawar, Nayagaon, SarwaniyaMaharaj, Athana, Nagri, Pankhedi, Maakdon, Pachore&Kukdeshwar. In addition to above, preparation of
1. Initial Environmental Examination Report
2. Screening and Due Diligence Report on Indigenous People
3. Land Acquisition & Resettlement Due Diligences Report, Calculation of Operation & Maintenance Cost, Water Rates, Per Capita Cost & Financial Planning for 15 Years.
4. Bill of Quantities (BOQ) & Contractor’s Obligation Report
5. Tender / Bid Document